10 Trendy Living Room Paint Ideas to Try in 2019

Your living room is the go-to spot for you and your family. It the place where all your family unite and the first room that makes you feel home when you enter your house. The living room is one of the most visible and frequently used social places where you entertain your friends and guest. And therefore, it is important to make it comfortable and beautiful.

Painting is the cheapest way to give a makeover to your house. It is the easiest way to bring out your personality. Whether you do it yourself or you hire a painter, the colors that you choose should be perfect. But that is the most challenging thing for most of us. Deciding what color to choose and what not is so confusing. So, here we are with some living room paint ideas that will make your task easier.

A fresh coat of paint will make a huge difference to your house. You can choose whatever style or colors you like, go for bold or calm, chose neutrals or bright or go minimal, anything you like. Go through our living room paint ideas for your inspiration.

Top 10 Living Room Paint Ideas in 2019

1. White

White Living room Paint

White? First suggestion, really? Yes! The safest color to go for is White. It gives a beautiful bright look to your room. White is also very helpful for people with small living rooms as it makes a room look spacious and airy.

Go for some amazing color furniture to decorate your living room. You can choose a variety of colors or just go for a single color to give a minimal look.

2. Black

Black Living Room Paint
Credits: elledecor.com

First white and now black? Yes! If you have a nice big window that lets in ample amount of light go for black. The black color makes a statement in the living room. It makes the living room so great and dramatic. If you are not sure about painting your living room black, just go for a single wall.

The black color blends everything in the room and makes it look amazing. Use neutral-colored pieces of furniture to pop it out.

3. Neutrals

Neutral Living Room Paint

Beige, ivory, cream, taupe are some of the popular neutral paint choices for the living room. You can even use different hues of color to make your living room look more sophisticated.

Go for a completely neutral room where all the furniture and accessories are also in the neutral shades. Or just paint the walls to make a background for all your decorative furniture.

Neutrals make the living room comfortable and calm. If you have a small living room with very little natural light, go for a light neutral shade else choose a dark neutral shade.

4. Bright Colors

Blue Living Room Paint

Bright colors make up a superb choice for the accent walls. They are also popular choices for the living room. But if you wish to go only for the accent wall, light shades can be used on other walls and colors like jewel-toned blue, shiny blue, green chartreuse, etc for the accent wall.

If you go for bright colors on all wall, use contrasting furniture to give a dramatic look to your room.

5. Orange

Orange textured wall

Don’t be scared of orange color. It makes the room look more warm and lively. With this shade, even with little natural light, your room will look bright. You can always opt for a peachy shade if you don’t want to go for a dark tone. Dark orange can be used for a textured wall in the room. Burnt orange and gold make an excellent combination for living room.

Rag rolling, marbling, stippling are some of the textures used for creating a textured wall. You can also use a brick pattern on the wall. Put your television or some artworks on that wall.

6. Blue

Credits: decoraid.com

The blue color gives a calming, stabilizing feel to your room. Using geometric patterns is one of the trendiest living room paint ideas. Put on a geometric artwork or mural on one wall and combine it with a geometric pillow covers, carpet, or some cool seats. Pastel colors, bright colors, and white works amazing in a geometric pattern.

7. Pink

Pink wall

Pink is not just a color, it’s an attitude. It can make anything look pretty. Does pink always mean girly? No! Use some cool elements and furniture in the room to make it look classy and appealing. Pink color gives out fresh and calm vibes.

Combine the light shade of pink with mint green to make your living room more interesting. Pastel pink and faded pink are versatile colors, it can easily match up with your furniture.  Use accessories such as rugs, drapes, and pillows in white or cream color to make your living room elegant and sophisticated.

8. Stripes

Credits: freshome.com

Bored with the same old plain wall paint? Go for stripes this time. They are quite trendy these days. If you have a small living room, horizontal stripes will do wonders to make your room feel wider.

You can use shades of neutral or pastel colors to make the stripe. Even bold colors are cool and they add a focal point to your room. Hang some family photos or add some artwork or collectibles on that wall.

9. Jewel Blue

Jewel Blue
Credits: housebeautiful.com

Want to make your living room look like a vacation spot. Paint your living room with a jewel-toned blue color. White color furniture goes amazing with this background. The golden accessories go well with this blue tone, use it to make your living room classy.

10. Pastels

Pastel yellow

Pastel shades are perfect for everything. You can paint the living room with your favorite pastel shade like whimsy yellow, mint green, millennial pink, etc. Pastels give out a colorful personality to the room and make it look bright at the same time.

Use pastels colors for paint and also for the furniture. Another option is to use light shades for the wall and darker shades for the pieces of furniture. Or just for the furniture keeping the wall white. The choice is yours.

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Final Words

These living room paint ideas will surely help you transform the most important room of your house in a cost-effective way. Grab your brushes! And start painting.

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