8 Popular Basement Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

The basement is one of the most ignored rooms in the house. Instead of keeping junk and worn-out furniture bring this place to good use. Don’t let your kids or family members think that a ghost lives down there like movies.

Nowadays basements are considered to be a trend and everybody tries to make it into a welcoming area for family and guests. With amazing basement design ideas, you can transform it into a room that you will look forward to spending time in.

A beautiful basement increases the value of your home. A basement can be an entire floor or just a small room, but with creativity, you can easily turn this boring space into a functional room. There is so much you can do! And we are here to help you decide. Here are some wonderful basement design ideas for your inspiration.

8 Modern Basement Design Ideas For 2019

1. Teen Bedroom or Guest Bedroom

Basement Design Ideas Bedroom for Teens

Do your teenager kids have to share a bedroom? Transform the basement into a nice bedroom for your kids. They may need some space and a little more privacy. Also, it becomes a perfect place for sleepovers and group study.

Use pastels or neutral to make the room look classy. Add in a study table, cupboard, some shelves to complete the bedroom. Don’t forget to make the room bright and airy with beautiful lights.

A basement bedroom can also be used when you have guests who are over for a long time or overnight stays. They can have a good time and enjoy their privacy.

2. Home Extention

Home Extention

Make the basement a part of your home. Use same style and pattern in the basement as that of your house. If you have an entire floor for basement, try going for open concept design. Use the pieces of furniture to divide the parts of the room into the living area, dining area, and a bar section.

Turn your basement into a second living space which welcomes your entire family. You can host dinner parties or any function in the basement if you don’t want your house to be messy.

3. Basement Gym

Basement Design Ideas Home Gym
Credits: sebringdesignbuild.com

A basement is a perfect place for a home gym. Having a gym at your home will keep you motivated to be fit and healthy and you will never miss a workout routine. Depending on the size of your basement you can plan what all features you want to include.

If you have a small room, bring in limited workout machines and keep some space for you to rest or do yoga. If you have a large room, add a shower or steam room, a bathroom, etc. And there you have your very own private gym.

4. Game Room

Game Room

Obviously, you cannot have big games in your living room or bedroom. But don’t stop yourselves from getting a pool table or a foosball or air-hockey or everything altogether. Transform the basement into a game room and add in all your favorite games.

You and your family can enjoy game night once in a while. Put on a T.V., a sofa, and a few chairs to enjoy weekends by watching a game or a movie. Also, you can have friends and guests over to relax and watch a game together.

5. Basement Workspace

Basement Design Ideas Home Office

A home office is so much in trend now. Blogging, making YouTube videos, Selling some DIY projects, running a small business or working from home is popular these days. Thus, we badly need a home office to concentrate on our work, away from kids and household chores.

If you have your office desk in your room or any open space in the house, there are chances that you can misplace some important paper and office stuff. Basement workspace is a perfect solution to it. You won’t be disturbed by other family members and you can have an entire place to yourself.

Include things like desk, comfortable chair, cabinets, shelves, couch, adequate lighting, etc.

6. Kids Cave

Kids Cave

You don’t want your kid’s toys all lying around in the house or scribbling the walls. Make kids play area in the basement where they can play, do their homework, drawing, crafts, and other activities. Make built-in shelves or install floating shelves to keep their toys and games. Organize their toys using colorful boxes and baskets.

Paint the room with bright bold shades to make it look colorful. Use some nice small chairs and tables where your kids can sit to draw and color. You can even have their friends over and let them play in this amazing kids cave. But don’t forget to put some books or magazine and a cozy sofa or chair for yourself to sit while your kids play.

7. Man Cave

Man Cave
Credits: hgtv.com

Man Cave a place every man needs. A basement is a perfect place to make a man cave. You can spend some alone time, do what you love, watch games, hang out with male friends, or play video games. Install a projector to watch games and movies, pool tables and of course a bar section.

Use a nice sofa or recliner chairs to sit and enjoy the game, big stools for the bar section and normal chairs if you have more guests. Install music systems and whatever you feel like. Once you have space create it and use it the way you like.

8. Woman Cave

Woman Cave
Credits: designedtothenines.com

Like a man cave, even a woman needs her own space, a place where she can enjoy without being disturbed by kids and other family members. A basement remodel is the perfect time to make a woman cave. Make the room girly and beautiful as you like.

Bring in a soft couch and add some throw pillows to it. Add some cute chairs and tables to enjoy your drinks and play card games. Use bold colors and graphics for walls and pair it with cute pieces of furniture. Install a projector and music system. Just like man cave you too can have a bar section and some games to enjoy.

Also, if you want to create a dining area in your house, don’t forget to check out our article on Small Dining Room Ideas.

Remodeling and designing a basement can be intimidating, but with right planing, you can easily transform it into a beautiful place. Transform it into a bedroom or living space, make kids play area or gym, whatever you plan to do, it will only add to your living space. So, don’t just let your space go to waste. I hope these wonderful basement design ideas could be of some help to you.

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