10 Bedroom Storage Ideas that You will Love

A clean bedroom is a happy bedroom.

We have all come across the situation where we cannot find space to fit in our new stuff or store something. Our closets are always full and messy and there are clothes that fall down every time you open the door. A chair that is full of laundry and night pjs, a corner full of shoes, books lying around, accessories all missing… Oh God! Where do I stop? Our bedrooms are so messy and full of clutter. And we badly need some bedroom storage ideas.

All you need is to organize your bedroom in a way that will stop you from creating a mess. A designated space and some lifehacks will help you achieve this target. And I am here to tell you about such hacks and solution. No matter how big or small your room is, with these bedroom storage ideas you will give you an organized and spacious bedroom.

 10 Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas in 2019

Check out these amazing ideas.

1. Under Bed Storage

Bedroom Storage Ideas - Under Bed Storage

Storage bed is a genius solution to increase the storage space in your bedroom. The bed occupies quite an area in the room, so bring that area to use by buying a storage bed instead of a regular one.

You can store all you extra bed sheets, pillows, mattress, in the storage area. The items which you use occasionally like sweaters, suitcases, etc. can also go in this storage. You just have to lift up the bed and get things out. This way you can keep your belongings out of sight and make your room look cleaner.

Also, if you have a regular beg with nice space under it, use storage zipper bags to keep goods and push it under the bed.

2. Hamper


Don’t let you used clothes lying around in the room or pile it up on the chair. This way you’ll make your room messy and at the same time, you’ll forget to put it in the laundry and remember it when you have to wear it again.

Hang a hamper in the room on the wall, in the washroom or behind the door. Make it a habit to put your used clothes in this hamper daily and take it out for laundry without fail.

3. Clothing Rack

Clothing Rack

Don’t have a big wardrobe? Invest in a clothing rack. You can put your daily use clothes, shoes, nightwear on this clothing rack. There are a variety of clothing racks available, and you can choose what’s best for you.

If you have your clothes on display you can quickly pick out what to wear without making a mess. The hangers will keep your clothes organized and the stand below will give you space to put your shoes.

4. Ottoman

Bedroom Storage Ideas Rectangular Storage Ottoman

Ottoman gives extra storage space in the bedroom and also give you a comfortable place to sit. They are normally placed at the end of the bed but you can keep it near your clothing rack to sit and get ready, or by the window to enjoy the view or anywhere in the room. Use the storage space to keep your shoes, pillows, soft toys, etc.

5. Install Shelves

bedroom shelves

Shelves are a perfect way to increase the storage space and also show off your collectibles and achievements. You can choose to go for a built-in shelf or floating shelves or go for a display shelf rack. Put your showpieces, collectibles, soft toys, small plants or anything you like on this rack.

There are many creative ways to use a shelf in your room. If you have a small room, go for built-in shelves on the wall above the bed or install shelves along the walls of the bedroom. Arrange your books on this shelf in categories.

6. Use the Walls

Bedroom Storage Ideas Use bedroom walls

If you have less of the floor space, use the maximum of the wall space available. If there is nothing much on the floor your room will look clean and tidy. Install shelves with a railing, so that you can hang your clothes and keep your towels, accessories and other stuff on the shelf.

Install a rod in the corner of the room to hang your scarf, ties, belts, towels. This rod can also be used to hang a shelf organizer where you keep some frequently used items.

7. Shoe Organization

Shoe organizer

We always miss out on a pair when we have hundreds of shoes. Also, don’t let your expensive pair of shoes get damaged because of an improper storage system. Depending on the available space in your room and your shoe collection, choose the best shoe organization method.

Store the shoes in the ottoman or on the shoe rack if you already have one. Hang shoe organizers or shoe pockets in your closet to keep small shoes. If you wish to display your shoes and have a big bedroom use a mesh, ladder, lazy susan or DIY a wooden crate.

8. Jewelry Cabinet
Jewelry cabinet

Jewelry items like necklaces can get entangled easily and it is easy to misplace a set of earrings. So, instead of keeping them anywhere or in a box use a jewelry cabinet to store all your ornaments.

It is a thin cabinet and can be hung on the wall, thus, it won’t take much space. The cabinet has a board to hang earrings, necklaces, and rings. If you have some spare space use it to keep cosmetics.

9. Door Organizer or Storage Bags

Door Organizer

The door organizer can be hung on the closet door or your bedroom door. Small items like socks and handkerchief probably create a mess and also be lost easily. Therefore, you must keep them in place. Various sections of this organizer can be used to keep your socks, gloves, towels, handkerchief, etc.  You can also use this organizer to keep all your innerwear.

If you can easily make your closet messy use a storage bag to keep your clothes like leggings, pants, t-shirts, etc. Not only that all your bed accessories and sweaters can be put in this bag to store it safely. This bags need not go only in the closet, they can even be put under the bed.

10. Portable Closet and Drawer Storage

Portable Closet

Portable Closet is very helpful to store nearly everything. They have cubbies that can be used to store your shoes, shirts, towels, long dresses, and blankets. So, instead of having a traditional closet the portable closet is easy to set and customize it in your way.

If you don’t want to have a big closet go for small drawer storage to keep your t-shirts, shirts, yoga pants, and pajamas. It can be used as a nightstand to keep a lamp, alarm clock, your phones and specs when you sleep.

So, what are you waiting for? Use these brilliant bedroom storage ideas to get your room in the place. Let us know how your bedroom looks after getting organized and also don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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