10 Quick and Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas (2019)

Searching for some cool Kitchen organization ideas? That means you just have the kitchen like I had, all messy and unorganized. Cooking in my kitchen was soo difficult. I had to search for things here and there before cooking.

Things that were supposed to be near the stove were at the extreme corner and packed goods which I had bought before were lying behind the new goods, all lost and forgotten. Oh My God! What a pain!

I just had to get over with it and so I decided to organize my kitchen. Did hours of research and put my entire weekend into it. And the results were amazing.

Cooking and meal prepping were so much easier and cleaning took no time. So, it’s great you are looking forward to organizing your kitchen and making it clean and beautiful.

Let’s get your kitchen organized.

10 Amazing Kitchen Organization Ideas

Here are some smart kitchen organization ideas to try in 2019.

1. Lazy Susan or Turntable

Lazy Susan

Maximize your storage space and get everything organized in your kitchen with a Lazy Susan. Use it in your pantry or corners of the shelf or just on the countertop.

You can keep salt, pepper, spices, sugar, oil, and anything that you use frequently on a lazy susan near your stove. Using turntable in the corners of the deep cabinet will make accessing things easier. And nothing will be ever forgotten in the awkward corners.

2. Tiered Organizers

Tiered Organizers

Tiered Organizer like lazy susan increases space in the cabinets. Like keeping all small bottles in the cabinet one behind the others is okay but you won’t know which bottle is where after a few days and then you will have to check every bottle to find one that you need.

Also, if the bottle is in the extreme end you’ll have to be really careful while taking it out. This layered or tiered organizer will help you keep the bottle in layers and makes it easy to reach.

Now that I am using it, I wish I had found products like lazy susan and tiered organizers sooner. They are just amazing.

3. Use Baskets or Crates

Credits: Toni Hammersley

Organizing in categories makes accessing things painless. Use baskets or crates to keep things on the shelf according to the categories.

Keep snacks in one basket, cereals and oats in other, biscuits and other packed goods in one basket, and so on. You can even have baskets dedicated to baking tools, sauces, bottles, etc.

If you want things to be visible use see-through plastic baskets, or go for some colored baskets to make your kitchen colorful. This way you can just pull out a basket and get what you need. Cleaning the shelves also becomes simple.

4. Hang Items

hanging kitchen utensils

Try to make most of the kitchen space with hooks. Use hooks under a shelf, or on a rod or pot rails installed on the wall. Hang cups, spoons, pans, cutting board on this hooks.

Pegboards can also be used to hang all the necessary and frequently used utensils near the stove. Install a rod under the sink to hang cleaning sprays, or a hook above the sink to hang the kitchen cloth. The surface area will be clear and your kitchen will look clean and tidy.

5. Kitchen Island

Kitchen island
Credits: freshome.com

A kitchen island gives you an extra countertop and also some more space to store all the kitchen items. Bring in a few chairs and the island can be your breakfast table.

Use a hollow kitchen island, so that you can keep baskets and huge kitchen utensils there. If you have a good budget, you can invest in a big kitchen island and integrate kitchen appliances in it.

6. Drawer Organizer

Drawer Organizer

Drawers can be one of the messiest things in the kitchen. Spoons, forks, knives can always go missing. With a drawer organizer, you will be able to keep everything in its place.

A separate section for all your cutlery. Keep a junk drawer in the kitchen, so that all the clutter does not lie here and there.

7. Lids and Pan Organizer

Lid organizer

Every household has a set of containers, all in different sizes. But keeping them with the lid on one other will take up so much of extra space. Therefore we tend to remove the lids and arrange them inside one other. But where does all the lid go?

Use a Lid organizer to keep all the lids together, arranged in size. This way you won’t be able to displace the lid of your Tupperware. Store all your pans, pot lids, cutting boards using a kitchen houseware organizer.

8. Shelves

Floating shelves

You will be shocked to see how much space goes wasted in the kitchen. Floating shelves are a great way to make the most of this space.

Though you may have floating shelves in one part of the kitchen, look out for space where you can install one. Instead of keeping everything on the countertop, kitchen looks neat when it’s clear so use shelves and hooks to keep things in place.

The space between the cabinets, or an unused wall can be used to put on a floating shelf. You can install it near the sink to keep the soap, brush, sponge, etc. or near the stove to keep the spices and oil or even for showing off your chinaware.

9. Pantry

Credits: goodhousekeeping.com

Pantry is one of the most important things in the kitchen. We go to the supermarket and stock up things we require, but when we get the new goods if tend to push up the old stuff behind.

This way the food is left and forgotten and results in wastage. So, first of all, purge all the expired food. It is suggested to keep the old products in front and new at the back.

Also, some food comes in big packages and take up quite a space, so use transparent jars and containers to store them. Use baskets and shelf organizers to make more space in the cabinet.

Hanging door rack can be used to store sauces, bottles, spray, etc. Hanging shoe holder which have many small pockets will be a great way to organize your small kitchen tools like measuring cups and cookie cutter.

10. Beautiful and Accessible

Beautiful Kitchen Organization Ideas

Use an ample amount of light in the kitchen to make it look bright and airy. The main aim of organizing a kitchen is to make it look clean, beautiful, and everything accessible. Keep everything visible and within your reach.

Keep frequently used cookware and cooking materials near the stove, hang cups that you use daily, soaps near the sink, and so on. Don’t let anything be forgotten.

Display your chinaware. Use colorful plates and bowls and arrange them in groups.

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I hope these kitchen organization ideas will help you get on the right track and have an organized kitchen. Also, if you have any more such tips do let us know in the comment section.

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