10 Most Popular Small Dining Room Ideas for 2019

Adding a dining room to a small apartment can be difficult. But that should not stop you from having one. Proper planning and little creativity is all you need to gift yourself an amazing dining experience.

You don’t always need a separate big room for your dining area, a small corner, little space or even a spot in the kitchen is enough for it. Our small dining room ideas will make your space look appealing and inviting.

The dining room gives you a fixed place to eat your meals and the best part is it brings your entire family together. You can catch up on each other and have fun while eating. So, search for someplace in your house to squeeze in a dining table.

I know people like me don’t have a room with four walls to keep your dining table but you can still create a stylish dining area. Want to know how? Keep scrolling to know some smart small dining room ideas.

10 Smart Small Dining Room Ideas

1. Circular Dining Table

Circular dining table

Circular tables are perfect for tiny spaces. And when combined with the armless chairs they are like space savers. Use neutral shades for the chair and table to make it look sophisticated.

The circular tables have pedestal stand which gives you free space to tuck in the chairs. You can take them out whenever you want to sit. Put on a nice flower vase in the center of the table to make it look stylish.

2. Slimline Dining Table

slimline dining table

Slimline tables are perfect for someone who has more of verticle space and less of horizontal space. Also, when you have a large family or there is a family get together happing always at your place you need a narrow dining table.

Slimline tables make space for more number of guests than a circular or big rectangle table can. If you have a wall on one side of the table use it to bring out your personality and hang some artwork or install a floating shelf to show off your collectibles.

3. Folding Dining Table

folding dining table

No fixed space for your dining table? Don’t worry you can still have a dining spot in your house. Use a folding dining table which allows you to change the size of the tables according to your requirement.

Fold it in half and make space for four or open it fully to make a place for six or more member. If you don’t want to use it at all then fold it completely to make it a console table.

4. Banquette Dining

Banquette dining
Credits: Jamie Mason

The best part about banquettes is that it serves as a sitting area and also provides with storage space. Many houses already have a banquette and it can be put to great use if converted to a dining area. Put a table and few armless chairs and you’ll have an amazing small dining space.

To make your room look spacious use the same color for both walls and the banquette to make it invisible. Add some colorful chairs and cushions to make it look classy.

5. Dining Booth

Dining Booth
Credits: bhg.com

Bring a dining booth to your house. Make use of the corner in the room to create a booth. This dining corner works best when it’s near a window. The window gives you a spacious and bright feeling.

As you know, banquettes create space for your entire family and also give you extra storage space. What’s better than two banquettes? Use a rectangular table with pedestal legs to fit it in between the banquette. Use some throw pillows and put a cushion on the banquette to make it comfortable.

6. Dining Bench

Dining bench

Dining benches are so much better than chairs when you are short on space. The armless and backless benches can be tucked away under the table when you are not using it. The bench is helpful when you want to fit in more than two people.

Find the best location in your house to keep this dining table( near the window, in the kitchen, or some corner) and save up the floor space. You can also use the combination of a few chairs and a bench.

7. Kitchen Island

Kitchen island

When you have no room for a dining table use the kitchen island as your table. Combine your kitchen and dining room with this small dining room idea. Use bar stools which are easy to slide under the table for sitting.

This dining room idea can also be multifunctional- like you can sit and enjoy your morning coffee, or use it for meal prepping, give your kids their breakfast while you are preparing their tiffins, and so on.

8. Minimal Dining Room

Minimal Dining Room

Make your dining room look simple yet elegant. This way the entire focus will be drawn towards its beauty instead of the small space. And what is more elegant than a minimal dining room? Use a black table along with some stylish white chairs.

Fill the room with some light to make it feel bigger and airy. Put some nice beautiful flowers in the vase to complete this gorgeous dining room.

9. Countryside Themed Dining

Small dining room ideas Countryside dining

This countryside theme dining room idea brings in the rustic charm. It will give a warm and comfortable feel to your dining area. These wooden chairs and table, when combined with colorful round placemats, make the dining room colorful and lively. Enjoy the country-like feeling every time you dine.

10. Boho Dining Room

Boho dining room

Boho is one of those trends (or lifestyle) that never goes out of fashion. If you’re someone influenced by Bohemianism or art-lover, this Boho inspired dining room is everything you need.

What makes this unique is that the items used are mostly vintage looking and come with tribal designing all over them.

As you can notice, you don’t even need four similar styled chairs, a plank of wood would get the job done. Boho is all about following a unique lifestyle so enjoy the freedom.

To improve overall aesthetic, use a rug to define the dining space in the room. A wooden chandelier will complete this dining room.

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We hope you liked this article. So which of these small dining room ideas suits you the most? Let me know in the comment section.

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